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Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries


"Serving others is not just for pastors.  Jesus said, “Whatever you did for the least of these you did for me”.  There are many ways to volunteer your time here at “Life”.

Matthew 25:40

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Spiritual Support & Guidance

There are times in everyone’s life where we need a helping hand.  Many struggle in silence and wrestle with secrets which provoke insecurity and fear.

At Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries, we have a team of compassionate and caring Spiritual leaders standing by ready to provide you with support and guidance that you need.

It is our desire to offer biblically based spiritual guidance as well as tools to equip you to live victorious lives.  Our Service life-line is created to be your point of contact when major events occur and a place of support when you find yourself in a critical situation.

As a ministry, we believe that help should be available to all who seek it. Feel free to call, Email or Facebook us today!


Prayer & Intercession Ministry

  • Make prayer a priority. Fervent prayer will release God’s destiny for our cities. Be willing to persevere in prayer with a holy determination. Determine not to let go of God until He breaks through. Become desperate for God.
  • Expect God to work uniquely in your city. Don’t think He will do the same in your city as another one. The work of God comes through prayer, and it is unpredictable and out of man’s control. God will show up in unexpected ways. We think our strategies are the way, but God sees things in a much more powerful dimension.

  • Seek for unity among the churches in your city. Remember that God doesn’t need a majority but He only needs a few churches coming together with hungry hearts for the cause of revival and transformation of the city. The presence of God will bring supernatural unity as we cry out to Him for it. Only together will we see the results that God wants. Seek to unite with other churches in prayer for transformation.

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Outreach Ministry

Located in the Miami Gardens area, Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries has always prided itself in community relations.  Our fundamental mission is to train and equip disciples, plant the word, grow the church and model the kingdom of God to bear witness to the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That being said, we understand that we have a civic responsibility as well as a loving interest in the well-being of our community.

As part of our service to humanity, we execute ongoing Feeding Programs geared towards feeding the less fortunate, Thanksgiving-Turkey Programs, Back to School Bash, House to House Evangelizing and visits to hospitals, prisons and the sick.

Ministry Outreach

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St. Jude Children's Research Hospital​

Founder: Danny Thomas

Founded: 1962

CEO: James R. Downing (Jul 15, 2014–)

Headquarters: Memphis, TN

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Compassion International

Compassion International

Founder: Everett Swanson

Founded: 1952

CEO: Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado (Sep 16, 2013–)

Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO

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Feeding America​

Founder: John van Hengel

Founded: 1979

CEO: Diana Aviv (Oct 1, 2015–)

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

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The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Founder: Yechiel Eckstein

Founded: 1983

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