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18966 NE 4th Court

Miami Gardens, Fl 33179

Tel: (305) 336-7777

Tel: (914) 320-2536

Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries is a church about SOULS and building on the solid Rock – Jesus. We are a nondenominational church (on the go, grow and know) located in Miami Gardens Florida. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We believe that “tongues” is a gift and it’s NOT a prerequisite for salvation. We believe in Prophesying/Prophetic Utterances and operating in the Supernatural. We also believe in letting the people of God express themselves in whatever way they may feel comfortable. The HEART of our church is comprised of Love, Prayer, Praise, Worship, Intercession, Deliverance, Giving, Fellowship and Unity. We flow according to the move of the Holy Spirit – He is in charge.  If you are use to a program and a dead end church, you will not feel comfortable at Life. We believe in discipleship and advancing the kingdom of God through Salvation, the Word of God, along with Networking/Business Opportunities. Our Motto: “The Best is Still Yet to Come”!  Click the links below to find out more about Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries!


With the vision to inspire and reach the lost at all costs, Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries was founded as the Holy Spirit inspired Pastor/Prophetess Katrika and Andrew Hamilton to establish a work of God in the Miami Gardens area. The ministry was officially organized as a non-profit church on October 11, 2012. The first formal church service was conducted on June 2012 in our home, in Miami Gardens Florida. The church then moved from our home to its current location (18966 NE 4th Court Miami Gardens FL 33169).  The Bible declares… And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved, Acts 2:47. We are growing and as God enhances his servants’ vision, we look forward to moving to a brand new facility within the next five years

Senior Pastor/ Prophetess Katrika Sterling 

Pastor, Prophetess & Evangelist, Katrika Sterling was born on February 17, in Grand Bahamas and relocated to Miami at the age of 8.  She grew up in Carol City and attended Carol City Senior high graduating top of her class.  Attaining two full scholarships, she furthered and completed studies at Miami Dade College and Florida Atlantic University respectively.  In 1994, Pastor Katrika successfully completed an Associate of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from Miami Dade College.  Following in 1996 and 1999 with a Bachelors and Masters of Arts with Honors in the field of Communication from Florida Atlantic University.  Currently she is enrolled at Florida International University pursuing her PhD in the field of Educational Leadership.  She has two wonderful children Raimah and Elijah.

At the tender age of 10 Pastor Sterling surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. At 20 years under the hand of the Holy Ghost she began the prophetic walk. Pastor Sterling has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over ten years.  Her ministry extends throughout North America in the United States and Canada.  As well as Jamaica and the Bahamas.  God birthed Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries,  through his vessel – Pastor Sterling in 2011.  Firstly for six months in her home, then moving to its current location in Miami Gardens, Florida.  Pastor Sterling is gifted by God, to operate within the gifts of, the five-fold ministry.  Out of the need, for the people of God, to encounter His genuine presence, filling with the Holy Spirit, and seeing God’s power in our daily lives, was Pastor Sterling's calling birthed.  Her’s is a prophetic ministry, where signs, miracles and wonders (John 14:12) do follow.  She fervently believes in, casting out demons, healing, teaching and preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Beyond the pulpit she is a motivational speaker, radio personality and workshop facilitator.  She has facilitated workshops for churches and organizations such as: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, New Life Ministries, North Miami Avenue Church of God, Children’s Service Council, Women’s in Distress, Miami Dade College plus a host of other organizations.  Pastor Sterling is an anointed servant of the Most High God currently wrapping up work on her first book “Motivate Yourself to Impress” to aid those in job development in Corporate America.


Influencing generations by the power of our vision and by modeling the way.
Remaining transparent and being accountable for our every word and action.
Honoring leadership and treating each other with dignity and respect.
Providing resources and encouraging personal growth and empowering our people.
Networking through fellowship, community outreach, the word and global ministries.
Capitalizing on the strength of ethnic diversity and teamwork.
Leaving a legacy of hope and promise to future generations.
Empowering the next generations of out of the box “thinkers”.


The vision the Lord entrusted to Prophetess Katrika Hamilton is tremendous, which she accepted with a gracious boldness. The future of Life Empowerment Deliverance Ministries extends past the establishment of the local church with its various areas of ministry and goes into: a 24 hour prayer and counseling outreach; three shelter facilities (for men, women, and teens); a school of the arts/ministry; a 24-hour full gospel radio and T.V. ministries; traveling evangelistic outreach of crusade teams. Starting a Youth Empowerment Opportunity Program (YEOP) geared toward spiritual/education enrichment; Secure grants to help with the cost and expenses of the new ministry location. The “overall” vision is to utilize every available means to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. We are reaching lives, training people for God’s Glory and loving every moment of our journey!

We Are Waiting To Hear From You


Assistant Pastor Celia Grell

Evangelist Norine Casseus

Evangelist Tudey-Ann Vissey

Deaconess Althea Bailey

Evangelist Denise Farquharson


Minister Susanne Scott

Minister Wanda Foster

Minister Shayna Morris

Deacon Llyod Bailey


Minister Melinda Norris